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Welcome to the best collection of TV apps for your PC Tablet, Android and iPhone Smartphones. TV Apps are available now from several different online TV providers as well as cable and dish networks. Direct TV, Xfinity and Vizio offer apps that interact or work directly from your television. Samsung is also a leading provider of TV apps for their televisions that have been specially designed to function as internet entertainment devices. Samsung has created a TV app that allows viewers to go completely interactive with Smart TV. Facebook, Skybe and Netflix are all available through the Samsung Smart TV Smart Hub. One of the most exciting TV apps available with Samsung Smart TV is Hulu Plus. You can even get one week free of Hulu Plus right now. Do a Barrel Roll now!

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Find the best TV Online right from your mobile device with TV listings from your local cable TV provider. If you are someone that has already purchased a Samsung Smart TV, then you probably already have one of the more than 900 TV apps available through their company. The company has already toppled a two million download mark and is currently inviting app designers to make more interactive and responsive apps for controlling television and sites like Justintv via mobile devices.

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Samsung has a prize package of 100K, a sixty-five inch Samsung LEDD D8000 TV and a lot more for the developer that makes the best application for the Free the TV Challenge held by Samsung. The contest will accept submissions up to November 29 and the winner will be announced in January.

You can find out more about TV apps from Samsung at their Smart TV Site:


Free TV Apps

Samsung has really taken the lead in the tv apps industry with their feature rich, multimedia televisions.  TV apps, especially free tv apps, are becoming very popular as more consumers blend their social networking, gaming and lifestyles into one home base; the television. As the industry expands and software developers decide the best means to distribute their programs across multiple platforms; most will consider the television as the most wide-reaching behind smartphones. The early pioneers of television apps will be ahead of the game. A company like Samsung that has integrated the web with television without a secondary device have made the leap but are being met with high competition from gaming consoles, blu-ray players and even laptops. Eventually, the price will determine which way America moves for their selected means of receiving information, entertainment, news and apps.

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TV Apps that focus on controlling the home environment will be some of the most interesting uses of the technology. Being able to control your lights, heating, air and even when the coffee pot is programmed will find the most use at first. Other apps already allow app users to monitor security cameras and sensors in the home. Even vehicles are being controlled by apps now. TV apps will change the television from a static box for entertainment to the owner’s assistant. Scheduling tv apps will also make a big impact immediately. An entire day can be planned out as you wait for a commercial to end. Helpful reminders can also appear to never let you forget important tasks during the day.

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Free tv apps will define what consumers are most interested in. Paid apps will need to be of superior quality and without ads to make the cost worthwhile. The most cost effective route for many small app developing teams that produce free tv apps will be a free working version of the tv app that gives the consumer a taste of what the paid tv app will be like. These free tv apps are often supported by ad revenue just like they are in browser and smartphone apps. As the free tv apps market explodes like free apps on the Android market have, quality will need to be of the utmost concern for even amateur developers. Free Tv Apps review sites such as will become more important to consumers that want to find the best apps without the fuss and muss of searching through thousands of similar free tv apps. Solid reviews on tv apps serve the same exact purpose as any other review; they are produced to save the reader time, money and in a lot of cases, frustration.

As Free TV Apps gain in popularity, more developers will push to get their tv apps out faster than ever before. This is already being seen in the smartphone apps market. The unfortunate result is that a sub-quality produce is released and consumers are forced to be testers. Free TV apps will need to be different, more refined, more polished before they are released or those developers may never see another download again.

TV Apps such as those found on are able to bring tv web series on YouTube to fans of movies and television programs like The Walking Dead and even games like Fallout 2. Shows like The Silent City are bringing the television and movie experience right to your smartphone.